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The second last week in February is always the Annual General Meeting for the Beef Farmers of Ontario. I have gone for several years and I've always enjoyed myself. There is a lot to learn and I can always learn more about raising cattle more effectively. I like getting the updates on what we've accomplished, networking with other beef farmers, eating the banquet dinner, and hearing the keynote speakers. This is also a time for us to vote on resolutions, things we want our elected board of directors to take action on. I find it very informative to see what the different counties put forward as a key issue for their area or for the industry as a whole. Usually, we are in agreement, but there are cases when a debate breaks out on the floor. I live for the debates, you guys.

This year I was a little more involved than usual as I ran for a position on the board. I was not the elected candidate but that doesn't matter. I wanted to introduce myself as someone who is passionately interested in making a difference in our industry. I want us to succeed so that we can continue to raise cattle for generations. Small family farms are dying out and I can't just sit by and not do anything about that. That was what running was about, getting my foot in the door and making an effort.

That is also why I make comics and write children's books and do all these insane things that take up all my time and don't pay enough. I see a problem and I need to be a part of the solution in whatever way I can.

The AGM was fantastic. I got so much out of networking and learning about our new marketing strategies. Upon leaving the final day I felt inspired to try harder, in everything I'm doing. I want my girls to be a strong herd producing the best quality meat, I want to get my comics out further to reach more people, and I want to fight harder for agriculture in Ontario. What sort of things are you involved in to make a difference? Are you a member of any organization like BFO or OFA? Tell me about them!


The husband and I don't like to go out on Valentines Day. There is just way too much going on and we don't need to wait forever in line at the Keg. Instead, I always cook a nice meal at home.

This year I decided to get dressed up for our little stay-date. Husband was notably concerned, but I set him straight. I could honestly hear his sweat drop as he watched me apply my mascara like... 'oh God, did I agree to something I forgot?' hahaha. Needless to say, dressing up is not a thing I do very often. Once in a blue moon. I like to be comfortable and practical. My Doctor Who booties were a 2015 Christmas gift from Husband (because he knows I like to collect these things) and I wear them every day of my life. They are SO warm, SO comfy, and they're non-slip on our freezing hardwood floors. Everyone needs a pair of these little TARDIS cuties, honestly, and they pull the look together so perfectly. *hair flip*

What did you get up to this Valentines day? Stay in or go out?


Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I know it's supposed to be Tinder, not Twitter, but I am not the one you guys.

Dolly Parton apparently invented this meme, so it feels appropriate I do it too.

What's not included in the original meme is Tumblr, which is my favourite time-waster. Unlike all my other social media accounts, Tumblr has nothing to do with my professional work. That is strictly where I go to play. I make silly art for my favourite shows/movies/books and engage in conversations about those topics freely. On my other profiles, I only hint at my level of dorkiness, whereas on Tumblr the freak flag is flying my friends.

Have you participated in this meme? Is there a social media platform you use just for personal silliness?