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Happy Valentines Day!

The husband and I don't like to go out on Valentines Day. There is just way too much going on and we don't need to wait forever in line at the Keg. Instead, I always cook a nice meal at home.

This year I decided to get dressed up for our little stay-date. Husband was notably concerned, but I set him straight. I could honestly hear his sweat drop as he watched me apply my mascara like... 'oh God, did I agree to something I forgot?' hahaha. Needless to say, dressing up is not a thing I do very often. Once in a blue moon. I like to be comfortable and practical. My Doctor Who booties were a 2015 Christmas gift from Husband (because he knows I like to collect these things) and I wear them every day of my life. They are SO warm, SO comfy, and they're non-slip on our freezing hardwood floors. Everyone needs a pair of these little TARDIS cuties, honestly, and they pull the look together so perfectly. *hair flip*

What did you get up to this Valentines day? Stay in or go out?


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