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The Ghost In My Heart

Doctor Who fan comic featuring the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler in an original adventure. Rose is haunted by visions of The Doctor. A little unhinged, she's convinced he's out there somewhere in need of her help and reaching out to her telepathically.

She vows to find him again, regardless of the consequences. 

I do not own Doctor Who, the characters, or the worlds that BBC has created. This is just for fun.


This comic series now has a NEW HOME! 

Thanks to all who helped support the creation of the new website. It will be much easier to read the series on this new platform and the entire series is uploaded. Click the button below to go to the new website and happy reading!
(Eventually, this series will be removed from this site but not for a while)

If you enjoyed that, please consider buying the artist a coffee on Ko-Fi! 

Your donations mean a lot, and go towards not only coffee but my bills so that I can keep doing fun projects like this!

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