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By the Light...

This moon just keeps messing with me!

I love having all my windows open. Even when I first went away to school in the city I always left my windows open (something I learned the hard way was a bad idea but that's another story). I like waking up with the sun in the summer and looking out at the stars at night or the moonlight on the landscape. I never worried about peepers or neighbours because we never had any!

I lived in the city for a while, its where I met my husband, where I was able to get the good (but soul-crushing) jobs, and I was always saddened by the fact that I had to keep my windows closed. It was necessary since most places we lived were facing other people's windows... culture shock is going from no neighbours to virtually sharing dinner with the guy across the fence. I wanted to die.

Husband was raised in the burbs. He was used to close proximity neighbours and the need for privacy through closed blinds. The shoe is on the other foot now, as we are back to the country once more. That constant feeling of claustrophobia is GONE. Now I've got my windows wide open with fields for days. Husband still closes the blinds at night though... he's convinced people who drive by are going to see us and he backs it up with 'the cold air gets through the glass!'. That is the only reason I am allowing this... I hate being cold and this house is freezing. No wood fire here... madness.

So summers are windows open all day and all night, while winter we go back to the blinds down in the evenings... for warmth purposes.

Do you sleep with your windows bare or covered? Is this a city vs country cultural thing or am I crazy?

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