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The Business

Both as an artist and as a farmer, my goal is to highlight the time-honoured practice of farming, the culture, and the people, through illustration and storytelling. Farming is a difficult career sometimes, I hope that my work can bring people together and cheer them up when they need it most.



The Person


My Farm's story starts in Ireland. At the time, the crown was offering a hundred-acre plot of land and a free trip across the pond to anyone who would go. My grandparents took the opportunity. They arrived in Brockville in the 1820s and made their way North to Kitley Township. The original farmstead still stands and my sister and her family now live in the first Brick house they built. My sisters and I are the 6th generation to live and work on the farm, and the 2nd generation of all women. 


We were a dairy farm until the early 2000s. After that our focus was on Beef and Crops. My grandpa took over ownership of the farm when his father passed, and in 2010 my Mum took over the operation. 


Today the family farm sits on 1,000 acres. We still raise beef cattle and crops, but we've added garlic and fresh veggies to the mix. We hope to keep the farm going and in the family for as long as we can. We honour our ancestors by keeping alive their traditions and practices the best we can. 

Comic Artist. Beef Farmer. Silly-heart.

I was born and raised in Kitley Township (Just outside of SmithsFalls) on my family farm. I have always been very artsy, outdoorsy and a bit of a geek. As a kid I loved helping my Mum and Grandpa on the farm. I also loved drawing, writing and daydreaming. Today I still love working alongside my Mum and continue to draw, write and daydream.

I studied Graphic Design in college but decided my true calling was back on the farm. I combined my artistic skills and my passion for agriculture to achieve a life long dream of becoming a professional comic artist.

The Farm

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