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Red Souls

Red Souls is not officially published YET, but there are a lot of goodies on this page to help you get to know the characters.



Red Souls, named for the boots dirt farmers tend to buy, and the passionate souls of farmers in general. It takes true passion to dedicate your life to farming, whether your born into it or you choose it. 

Red Souls follows a 30-year-old Adrian and her best friends, Flipp and Jay. Through their eyes, we experience the highs and lows of rural life. Romance comes a calling in the form of a rival, Jack.



Originally, Red Souls was inspired by a story my mother had told me about her meeting my stepdad at a board meeting. It always interested me how two farmers could make it work, especially living on opposite ends of the province. Eventually, other ideas came to my mind and Red Souls started to take a life of its own. Nothing in this story is based on facts, real people, or true events at this point, but the issues that are presented are examples of real struggles

within the agriculture community.

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