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Worth the Tanning.

I love exploring old abandoned properties! Our farm is over two-hundred years old and fifteen-hundred acres. There are a lot of abandoned houses, barns, sheds, sugar shacks, etc all over the place and I've explored every one. The Ottawa Valley is home to a lot of these types of structures, having been deserted long ago by settlers who just couldn't make it in our harsh conditions. Too much swamp, cedar and shallow soil.

My family was the first to settle our area. When my Grandad was a little boy he could remember several people that were living in the area, a school house and a cheesefactor. None of those things are there now. It's just us... just how it started. Evidence of their lives is everywhere, and I spent most of my childhood exploring it all.

To this day I still have a weird obsession with abandoned properties. I'll watch youtube videos of people going into old factories or hospitals to get my fix. I've also been known to do a risky sneaky peek on other peoples properties back in high school but I don't recommend that! It's very dangerous and rude to trespass, ask first! Today, my husband and I just moved into a place that has an abandoned abattoir on the premise. You better believe I took an old sneaky peek in there the first day. Nothing changes.

Do you have anything abandoned on your property? Or like exploring abandoned places?


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