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When I wasn't in the barn with my Mum I was next door at my Grandparent's house.

My Grandma ran her own business running travel tours and was a pretty busy woman. I was the kind of kid who used my imagination to pass the time for endless hours. I was enamoured with my Grandma's typewriter, which she used to make her flyers, so she gave me her old typewriter to have as a toy when I was there. She knew I loved to write stories and draw pictures so she gave me pencils, whatever highlighters she had lying around, and set me to work. I made so many stories, I felt like an honest to goodness professional author. I was typing away and drawing those pictures and utilizing whatever random stationary she had to put the finished product together. I was so proud of those pieces.

Now here I am, still writing little stories and puting books together.

What was something you did as a kid that shaped who you were going to be as an adult?


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