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Canadian Agriculture Day

Happy Canadian Agriculture Day!

A little late on the blog post, but things happen. This day we celebrated Canadian Agriculture and took the time to appreciate farmers all over the country for all the things they produce that make our lives better.

My favourite thing about farming is that I get to do it with my family. My mother is my boss, we work side by side and our relationship is strong because of it. We make each other laugh to ease the load of our chores, we keep each other safe from accidents, and we talk about whatever is bothering us in life to sort of work it out. Then there are times when we don't talk at all. We have the radio going, we're doing something that requires a level of physical strain, and we just go through it and get it done.

I also love when my sisters help. Being a family of women, our bond is tight. My Mum and my sisters are my best friends. I love it when we all work together and spend the day cracking jokes over what we're doing. Whether that's building a fence, picking rocks, scaping garlic. We work hard together and celebrate the finish with a big meal. The husbands are there to help too, and they add another level of humour and fun to the mix being of various non-farming backgrounds but also being very hard workers with positive attitudes.

I believe it takes a family to run a farm. We need each other to keep this going, emotionally and physically. The work is hard, but at the end of the day, we have each other to make it less hard.

What is your favourite thing about agriculture?


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