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A year of Just being A Farmer

It's been one whole year since I published my FIRST children's book: Just A Farmer! Now I'm sitting here reading it to my very own future farmer... though he won't be able to see the pictures until early December.

The book talks about the many hats a farmer may have to put on in any given day, teaching children that a farmer is more than just anything. Farmers should be proud of what they do and this book celebrates that. You can buy it for yourself, or the kiddos in your life in my shop.

And YES, it's true! I'm super pregnant, haha. I know it doesn't look it here, but trust. I'm due on my birthday to have my first, a bouncing baby farmer and The Husband and I couldn't be more excited (or terrified). This is why I haven't been very active on my website most of the year. My chores around the farm have lightened, more-so in the very begining, and now again as I come to the end. Hay season was fine, but I was busy then on the tractor. Also, with Covid there isn't too much to talk about that wasn't a bummer.

Adjusting to life as a pregnant farmer has had a lot of challenges, maybe I'll do a seperate blog about that. I can only imagine what sort of changes are going to come when The Babe is finally here. There are no mat-leaves in farming! Maybe I'll write about that at some point too...

Hope all is well with everyone. Hope your harvests are going smoothly and you're all staying healthy and happy during this crazy unbelievable year. I'd love to hear what you've been up to this summer!

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