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It's Never Over

Just when you think you're safe from Gramma Guilt, it takes another swing at you.

My maternal Grandmother and I are very close due to her having lived next door all my life. She and my Grandad helped raise my sisters and I and shaped the people we grew to be. Gramma is 94 this year. With all her wisdom and experience she has become the MASTER of Gramma Guilt. It started with going to church... 'this could be my last Christmas' she'd say every Christmas for 10 years. Christmas somehow became every dang Sunday. Somehow, things got really out of hand. Marriage was a major topic for a while. She prayed for us, she hated to think of us living in sin, she couldn't bare to go on without us being married. What would she tell father when she got to the gates? Oh Lord love a duck. We got engaged. Then it was 'well, why wait?'. Our engagment was literally 6 months. We got married. First thing outta her mouth: 'Maybe next spring you'll be tellin' me you're pregnant!'


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